Private Counselling-Therapeutic Wellness Sessions- Group Therapy

At Evolve Therapies I offer a holistic approach to therapy which includes the use of a range of therapeutic modalities and interventions including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapies and a Person-Centred Approach. In this holistic counselling, the client is the key driver in the therapy process and is regarded as an active participant to his or her growth and the co-creator of empowered solutions.

Life can often bring us many challenges and while we all aim to do our best and manage through tough times, sometimes seeking support from a professional can help us gain insight from the situation. We can be empowered to learn more about ourselves and receive understanding of new ways of being that can direct our goal-driven path forward.

Sometimes it is through the supportive guidance of a therapist that we can identify areas that may be holding us back as well as develop more effective skills and insights to release what may not be serving us. We begin to embrace and develop new strengths and avenues of our self-potential and creativity.

I believe that a holistic approach to counselling gives greater results and well-being for you, the client and that the addition of working with therapeutic yoga and meditation practices can also help to provide more effective and lasting solutions while providing healing, energisation and empowerment.

In addition to personalised Counselling sessions for couples and individuals, I also offer specialised Wellness Programs, Spiritual Healing and regular Workshops and Masterclasses to help give you more tools and empowering strategies for all aspects of your health, body and mind wellbeing. Please visit the Events page for more details.


I can help you address issues including:

Stress Management

Drug and Alcohol and Addictions Therapy

Depression and Anxiety

Sleep problems

Destructive patterns


Relationships Healing

Increased life satisfaction and self-mastery

Spiritual guidance and healing


In collaboration with the talented Naturopath Katrina Reeve, I also offer 8 week Wellness packages tailored for you and comprising of:

- Weekly Therapy sessions with Jacqui

- Personalised Yoga and Meditation programe

- Fortnightly therapeutic yoga session

- Naturopathic programe designed by Katrina including 2 consultations.

- A team collaborative approach to help support you and your healing journey and your goals

*Please contact me to discuss the best program for you.*

Please contact me to arrange an appointment or for more information on how I can assist you.

Sessions may also be held via Skype and phone for suitable clients.


Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise, so I am changing myself