Posted on October, 20th, 2015

IMG_0747-e1416890878394-756x1024As I prepare this week for my Group Therapy on Feeling the Fear and Doing it anyway, I am reminded of a recent decision that was brought to me by the universe that brings up a lot of fear. When deciding to proceed with a course of action over many months, it boiled down really to a decision of whether I wanted to face a fear and do an action anyway regardless of the fact that it would not be guaranteed of success. In essence, I had to decide whether or not I was prepared to face fear that I might lose and still proceed OR decide that the potential suffering would instead overrule my faithful courage.

So really what I had to face is not so relevant but the essence of being brave enough to put ones heart on the line in whatever action in life we are being called to and risking things not happening the “perfect” way we want.

BUT i hear you cry what if it does work out beautifully nonetheless which if we connect to the divine plan will be our destiny anyway. Of course we only allow ourselves the opportunity to get what we want IF we are also vulnerable, courageous and passionate enough to be okay whatever the outcome that is meant to be when faced with the scary actions that may need to be taken…If we never try, we never give ourselves the best chance.

In what part of your life do you have to surrender some control and breath deeply and bravely into an action that makes you nervous or anxious or stops you breathing because so much mind chatter takes over what your dharma (righteous life path) is asking of you?

Breathe deeply and bravely in the face of fear whatever it looks life in your life; commit to yourself and your values, ignite the agni fire in your belly and remember to take time connect within and to your divine support.

Namaste Jacqui