Posted on May, 5th, 2015

Being true and authentic to oneself and in our work, love and life was one of the keys teachings from the illuminating Wake Up Project’s “Women Leading Change” event I recently attended.┬áDays such as this listening to a varied and incredibly inspiring lineup of international and renowned teachers, authors and business leaders was a real privilege and one I feel grateful having been a part of.

While all the presenters came from different backgrounds, had different life stories and experiences and are contributing to the growth of consciousness in varied ways in the world; they all had powerful messages that made me reflect upon how I am contributing in my life and in connection to my true Self.

These are the messages that really rang true and resonated with me as powerful reminders and invitations to accountability and that I wanted to share here in my own words:

- Our life experiences must be acknowledged, honoured and can become part of our strengths when we accept them and take ownership rather then become a victim.

- Meditation and prayer provide a vital spiritual connection to help us remember our wholeness.

- The benefits therapy can provide in helping us deal with, move through and integrate our life experiences with grace and honour.

- The power of believing in oneself to the core and of being true to oneself.

- The importance of self-care, nurturing and nourishing oneself in body, mind and spirit.

- Change and improvement to the world around us must start with us.

- To love ourselves unconditionally is the greatest gift and one of the highest goals we can achieve.

- The best teacher is the one within.

So many reminders and truisms that inspire me as I continue my own journey of self-growth and inquiry and as I seek to continue serving and helping others on their unique journeys too.

To me all these teachings and guidelines serve to help us live a more authentic life. Ie To show up fully to who we truly are. We don’t have to pretend we are flawless or perfect or have it all together. Instead when we can love ourselves unconditionally then we have to take the good and the bad, the shadow as well as the light, the hard and the wonderful.

With thanks to Women Leading Change presenters Seane Corn, Tami Simon, Claire Bowditch, Petrea King, Tara Moss and Janine Shepherd.